Your BQH & SCHH Session Package Includes

When you book a BQH & SCHH session, you will receive the following:

  • A session guide packed full of important tips and information you need to help you prepare for your session.
  • Client questionnaire packet so you can list any health concerns and the questions you would like to ask your spirit guides and higher self.
  • Guided meditation video / audio to help you with quieting the mind.
  • Guided practice visualization video / audio to help you prepare for your session.
  • An audio recording of your session.

* You will need a headset or earphones with a microphone that is close to your mouth for the session so that I can hear you during the session and you can hear yourself in the session recording.


I also have availability in the evenings and on weekends. 

Energy Exchange: $333


What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis?
What we know now as Quantum Healing Hypnosis has its foundation and beginning with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) which was developed by Dolores Cannon. Dolores uses hypnosis to take her client into a somnambulistic trance state for past life regression work. She developed a method that worked well with her clients and eventually began to train other practitioners. Dolores’ method of QHHT is meant for in-person work and practitioners are trained to follow a specific protocol.
What is Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis (BQH)?
Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis (BQH) is a branch of QHHT that was developed by Candace Craw-Goldman who practiced alongside Dolores for many years. BQH removes the limitation of in-person only sessions and allows the practitioner greater flexibility for online sessions as well as incorporating other healing modalities and healing gifts based on the practitioner’s skillset. As such, each session can be tailored and customized to clients’ specific needs.
What is Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (SCHH)?
Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) was created by Laura Whitworth, also a QHHT practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist for many years. SCHH is a soul centered modality that combines Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing techniques while also filling in all the gaps and shortcoming not yet addressed by other popular Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis modalities.
As Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioners we encounter clients who are blocked from progressing successfully into the theta brainwave state of deep meditation due trauma, grief, entity attachments, and energetic parasites on their body and energetic field. These have made their way in from fractures or cracks in our Aura due to emotional or physical trauma at some point in our lives. It can be from past lifetimes or the current lifetime. SCHH ensures that clients address and remove these blocks and make the energy adjustments before embarking on the past parallel Life, multidimensional self discovery, and higher self questions. With the clients’ Chakras re-built and Auras resealed, they can then progress further with the healing session, fully in their sovereignty void of any negative influence and infringement that does not belong to them nor serve them.
How can BQH and SCHH help you?
Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner facilitates and guides you to allow yourself to drift into the theta brainwave state of deep meditation. The theta brainwave is a natural state that you are in at least twice a day: (1) when you wake up and (2) when you fall asleep. You can view your session as a deep guided meditation that can be 2 to 2.5 hour long. In this state you have access to your inner world, your subconscious mind, and your divine knowing. You see, feel, and know with your mind’s eye.

The combination of both of these Quantum Healing Hypnosis modalities allows me to empower you to robustly clear, release, and heal what does not belong to you and no longer serves you. You are empowered and guided to recognize, release, and transmute trauma, grief, entity attachments, and energetic parasites, karmic ties, energetic cords from this and other lifetimes. You end the session with connection to your higher self and guidance team for answers to your most important questions and to receive further healing and understanding for any issues you may be experiencing in your current life. You emerge from your session as an upgraded, expanded, and healed, and sovereign divine version of yourself. You gain so much clarity, expansion, and assurance of who you truly are, your purpose, and your path here as an eternal multidimensional self.

As you integrate the knowledge, understanding, and the healing that unfolds for you during and after the session, you continue to access and align yourself toward that highest divine expression of yourself.