Preparing For Your BQH & SCHH Session


Your Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete. You will want to make sure to block out plenty of time for your session.  Be sure to clear your schedule after your session so you can get the rest you need to fully integrate the energies you receive during your session. Here are general parts of a BQH & SCHH Hypnosis session: 

Pre-Session Chat (1 Hour):

We will begin your session with some time spent getting to know a little about you. We will discuss some of your family history, any health concerns you may have, going through your questions for your spirit guides and higher self, and any other questions you may have prior to your session. We will co-create  and refine the intention for your session. We will state this intention together before induction begins.

Relaxation, Induction, and Hypnosis (2-2.5 Hours):

We begin with progressive relaxation of your body and then your mind. You will allow yourself to drift into the theta brainwave. This is a natural state that you are in at least twice a day: (1) when you wake up and (2) when you fall asleep.
Once in this state of connectedness to source and your true self, your journey of healing and transformation begin and can be summarize in 3 parts: (1) Entity / TraumaRelease and Energetic Body Rebuild (2) Soul Journey – Past life Regression, Parallel life, and / or Multidimensional Self Discovery (3) Higher Self Questions and Further Healing.
Entity / TraumaRelease and Energetic Body Rebuild:
We will begin by scanning and working through the body to locate and remove any low-frequency energies, entity attachments, or anything that may be creating blockages in your energetic field. This could be traumas from this lifetime or past lifetimes, entities or negative energies that are attached to the energetic field within the body, or implants and artificial technologies placed within the physical body and energetic field. Once we have cleared and released as much of these energies as possible during your session, we will follow up with complete chakra rebuild and balancing as well as aura repair and reseal.
Soul Journey – Past life / Parallel life and / or Multidimensional Self Discovery:
If your higher self and guidance team sees fit, we will continue with a journey to one or more of your past lives, parallel lives, or multidimensional self to learn more about who you have been in other lifetimes and how that life is relevant to your healing and your path in this current life. Not all sessions will visit past lives. Some clients move directly to the healing part of their session without experiencing any past life and that is just perfect for exactly what you need.
You may require extra healing during your session and that is the most important priority of the work we do together. We will flood your system with pure source light to begin the healing process. Trust that your higher self and guidance team will ensure your unique journey is one that is perfect for you and relevant for your healing and expansion.
Higher Self Questions and Further Healing:

The final part of your journey will be to connect with your higher self and guidance teams to get answers to your most important questions and to receive further healing and understanding for any issues you may be experiencing in your current life. This is an exciting part of your journey as it can bring so much clarity, expansion, and help you make sense of who you truly are, your purpose, and your path here as an eternal multidimensional self. As you integrate the knowledge, understanding, and the healing that unfolds for you during and after the session, you continue to access and align to that highest divine expression of yourself.

Back To Your Everyday Awareness:

Once your session is complete, I will guide you back to your everyday awareness allowing your consciousness to reintegrate with your physical body. Once you are feeling awake and refreshed, we will briefly discuss your session and any questions you may have. I will provide you with an audio recording of your session via WeTransfer within 1 – 2 days. Listen to it as many times as you feel guided as this helps you integrate and embody the knowledge, understanding, and the healing into this new and upgraded version of yourself.

Preparing for your Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session:

Before Your Session
  • Prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask your higher self and complete the Client Information and Questionnaire form at least 48 hours before your session.
  • Set the intention to have the perfect session for your highest divine good and repeat this intention as often as you can remember prior to your session. Trust and behave as if it is DONE.
  • Trust and know that your higher self and team of light have begun your preparation for the session.
  • If you have not had a daily practice of your own already, begin a practice of meditation and visualization exercise to help you with quieting the mind and getting into the theta state.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, or drugs the day before and the day of your session.
  • Test your connection and equipment prior to your online session.
  • Get a good night’s rest and quality sleep the night before your session.
The Day of Your Session
  • Meditate and incorporate light movement such as walking in nature or Qigong to clear your mind, relax your body, and facilitate the flow of energy through your spinal column.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, or drugs the day before and the day of your session.
  • Eat a light meal or snack before your session.
  • Let go of all expectations and outcome for the session. Trust, surrender, and allow all to unfold in the most perfect way for your highest good.
After Your Session
  • Ground your energy by eating root vegetables, using grounding crystals, taking a salt bath, or walking barefoot on the earth.
  • Drink plenty of fresh clean water to flush the energy through your body.
  • You may feel more emotional than normal, as healing and release of any trapped emotional energy continues. Allow these emotions to come up to be released.
  • Listen to the audio recording of your session as many times as you feel guided. This helps you embody and integrate all the knowledge, understanding, activation, and healing that began during your session.